What is thedbzlamp ?

The Dragon Ball Z Live-Action Movie Project (thedbzlamp) is the project to make the Dragon Ball Z live-action movie come true.

It was launched in 2016 by Tan Win, an actor, webmaster and like many, a huge fan of the Dragon Ball series.

“Making the Dragon Ball Z Live-Action movie come true”

Why we need thebzlamp ?

Dragon Ball is the most popular manga/anime of all time and yet, it hasn’t had a proper live-action movie so far.

There are millions of Dragon Ball fans all around the world and many of them would love to see a great adaptation of their favorite tv show in the 80’s & 90’s.

The objective of the project is to contact the executives of the manga & anime Dragon Ball, in Japan, America & all around the world in order to convince them to make the live-action movie of the masterpiece of Akira Toriyama.

As an artist, webmaster, cinema lover and most of all a huge fan of the DBZ saga, it is my duty to make this movie come true.

The fans want it, the creator Toriyama-san wants it, I know he does, so let’s get started right now !


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