About Tan Win

The founder of the “thedbzlamp”

Tan Win, founder of thedbzlamp ©realtanwin/thedbzlamp

Tan Win is a Belgian & French actor, model and cosplayer born in 1986 in Brussels.

He grew up watching the anime tv show Dragon Ball Z in the 90’s & he has been a fan of the series ever since.

With his web skills he decided to dedicate himself to his biggest passion, to promote the live-action movie of Dragon Ball Z in hope of bringing this project to life one day.

He imagined the live-action movie since forever but it is in 2009 after the bad critics of Dragonball Evolution that he decided to work on the good version of the movie the manga/anime deserves.

It is in 2016 that he officially launch The Dragon Ball Z Live Action Movie Project (thedbzlamp) on the social networks to make the Dragon Ball live-action movie come true.


thedbzlamp © 2018 @realtanwin | ©Toei Animation/Shueisha/Bird Studio. All Rights Reserved

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